We’re Keeping Our Rates Low!

Your LADWP:  High Quality ... Low Cost ... Industry leaders ... Here to Serve You 

Would it surprise you to learn that our water and electricity rates are among the LOWEST in the Los Angeles region? It’s true. 

As your water and power provider and the nation’s largest municipal utility, we work for you…

 …We work hard to keep our rates low while maintaining reliable service

…Our customer service ratings are climbing, with virtually no wait times to reach us

…We offer many ways to help you reduce your water and power use and save on your bills

…We benchmark against other utilities to ensure our rates are affordable and reasonable

See just how our bills compare with other regional utilities in the chart below. And, save even more on your energy and water bills by taking advantage of our many rebates and programs.   



*Costs are based on typical residential customer usage of 10 HCF water per month and 500 kWh electricity per month.