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LADWP Honored for Management Excellence

Shade Balls, Water Conservation and LEED Gold Status Recognized with Industry Award

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LADWP Fast-Tracks First Utility-Scale Solar Battery

Beacon Energy Storage System Will Improve Integration of Solar Power and Reduce Need for Natural Gas to Maintain Electric Reliability

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We’re Keeping Our Rates Low!

Your LADWP:  High Quality ... Low Cost ... Industry leaders ... Here to Serve You 

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Relaunching the Feed-in-Tariff Program

LADWP is set to relaunch its Feed-in Tariff (FiT) program in June with modified guidelines, a streamlined process, and a new price structure to complete 150 megawatts (MW) capacity of FiT solar projects in LADWP’s service area.  

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BEWARE! The Caller ID Number On Your Phone Could Be Fake


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Power Plant One Turns 100 Years Old

Located inside San Francisquito Canyon near the trickling waters of the Los Angeles Aqueduct sits the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) Power Plant One, a 70 megawatt (MW) capacity hydroelectric plant whose grand opening 100 years ago today marked the start of Los Angeles’ electric future.

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Is The Drought Over For LA?

The short answer is no. Find out why by reading our fact sheet. 

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LADWP Assists PG&E with Restoring Power to Customers after Northern California Storms Impact Power for nearly 100,000

When emergency strikes, receiving the support of friends can make all the difference. 

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Young Women Trained on Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through Newly-Launched STEM N’ Sustainability Program

Over 50 female students from Esteban Torres High School, Los Angeles Technical Trade College (LATTC) and California State University Northridge (CSUN) were introduced to the world of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers at the La Kretz Innovation Campus in Downtown Los Angeles as part of the STEM N’ Sustainability program’s inaugural event.

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Mayor Garcetti Unveils New LADWP Customer Bill of Rights

The proposed bill details and ensures service level commitments to LADWP customers

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LADWP Ranked Amongst Highest Utilities in Business Customer Relationships

15 Utility Business Customer Champions Named, LADWP ranked 3rd in Western US

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Water Conservation Urged as Sierra Snowpack Less Than Half of Normal

Rain in the Forecast: LADWP Customers Urged to Shut Off Sprinklers 

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LADWP’s Electric Vehicle Charger installed on Power Pole in Watts, Likely First in the Country

LADWP Will Install More Power Pole EV Chargers as Part of Pilot Program

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A Top Priority: Fairness and Equality in Services and Operations

   By William Funderburk, Vice President, Los Angeles Board of Water & Power Commissioners


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New Water Pipe Technology to Reduce Costs, Pollution

A pilot project from LADWP that uses an innovative technology called “Aqua Pipe” was the subject of a recent NBC feature story.

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IN THE NEWS: Mayor Garcetti Launches ‘Save Energy LA’ Campaign

Mayor Garcetti calls on all Angelenos to conserve energy with the energy efficiency campaign. Read the news release and find out about ways to reduce energy consumption and save on your bill this summer.

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How Can Small Animals Cause Outages?

Small critters can cause large outages. Read more to learn how we protect our system from these tiny infiltrators.

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Wall Street Ratings Agencies Give Top Marks to LADWP Power Revenue Bonds


The recent sale of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) power system revenue bonds issued on May 4 had an overwhelming response with over $1.5 billion of orders made on the $275 million offering. This resulted in one of the lowest interest costs of a Power System debt issuance in LADWP history at a low-interest rate of 3.26%. Additionally, LADWP refinanced $80.6 million in outstanding power system bonds, saving an estimated $11 million over the next eight years.   

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IN THE NEWS: Why LA's electrical grid is at greater risk this fire season

KPCC’s Sharon McNary reports on what this summer’s anticipated shortages of natural gas, coupled with wildfires, mean for the region’s power reliability.

Read the story here.

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IN THE NEWS: Heat Wave prompts ‘Flex Alert’ urging Southern Californians to save power

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LADWP News: LADWP Customers' Energy Demand Reaches 6,080 Megawatts During Heat Wave


Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) customers reached the peak energy demand level of 6,080 Megawatts today, surpassing the previous record high for the month of June – 6,053 Megawatts set on the same date in 2008. While demand fell short of the all-time record for the City – 6,396 Megawatts from September 16, 2014 – today’s peak demand was over 50 percent higher than the amount of energy demand experienced on a typical June day in the City of Los Angeles. 

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LADWP News: City of Los Angeles Offers Free Recycled Water for Irrigation - Recycled Water Fill Station at LA Zoo Opens


LOS ANGELES---The Honorable Councilmember David Ryu of the 4th District, along with officials from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation (LA SAN), and the Los Angeles Zoo (LA Zoo) announced the opening of the City of Los Angeles’ Recycled Water Fill Station at the LA Zoo on Friday, June 17th, 2016. Every Tuesday beginning June 21st, the fill station will be open to all eligible Los Angeles residents and business owners who want to pick up free disinfected tertiary recycled water for approved, non-drinking uses like watering trees, shrubs and lawns. The City of Los Angeles’ Recycled Water Fill Station pilot program helps “Save the Drop” by offering recycled water to offset demand for drinking water as Los Angeles continues to weather through drought.

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STATEMENT: Mayor Garcetti Supports DWP's Water Rate Proposal


In advance of the LADWP Board of Commissioner's consideration of a water rate proposal, Mayor Garcetti issued the following statement:

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Improving & Maintaining LA's Vast Water Infrastructure

LADWP’s water main leak rate is less than half the national industry average, and leaks have decreased by 37 percent over the past seven years thanks to a proactive plan to replace older and more vulnerable pipes. 

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See How We are Keeping our Rates Affordable for You!

Would it surprise you to learn that historically, our water and electricity rates have been among the LOWEST in the Los Angeles region? Well, it’s true. 

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Check Out KPCC Report on Rates Outreach Meetings

KPCC’s Sharon McNary offers a report on LADWP’s extensive outreach effort to educate residential customers, businesses and professionals, civic leaders and other stakeholders about the rate proposal.

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LA Weekly: It’s None of Your Business How Much Water Your Neighbor Uses

The LA Weekly examines the idea of drought shaming to get people to cut back on excessive water use, and whether or not that is a meaningful strategy for increasing water conservation.  The story compares drought shaming to a more efficient tactic for curbing people’s use of a scarce resource—raising rates and creating better price signals.

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See Why the LA Times Supports Increasing Water Tiers to Boost Conservation

A Los Angeles Times editorial takes a hard look at effective water conservation strategies, and agrees that LADWP and Mayor Eric Garcetti are correct to propose a fourth rate tier for the biggest users. 

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Press Release: LADWP Presents 5-Year Water and Power Rate Proposal






LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has proposed a 5-year water and power rate action that provides funding to accelerate the replacement of aging infrastructure, better protect against drought conditions, and meet water and power supply mandates while improving customer service. The proposed rates are also designed to further incentivize conservation while keeping LADWP’s rates low in comparison with nearby utilities.

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NYT: In California, Water Restrictions Above Ground and Leaks Below

Article originally appeared June 26, 2015 in The New York Times. 

LOS ANGELES — Californians have been ordered to save water because of the drought. But one of the best ways to save it is to not lose it in the first place. That is why many cities in this thirsty state have declared a war on leaks. 


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LAT: California electric bill shock - Private firms charge way more than public utilities

Article originally appeared June 14, 2015 in the Los Angeles Times

In Sacramento, a family using 500 kilowatt hours of electricity last October was charged $58. Customers in Los Angeles, also served by a public utility district, paid $79.

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LAT: DWP needs both transparency and investment to fix its problems

Reprinted from the Los Angeles Times



Los Angeles DWP workers view a water main break on Sunset Boulevard near the UCLA campus in Westwood last July.
The city faces more than $1 billion in water pipe repairs. (Photo Credit: Los Angeles Times)

Last week, an 89-year-old pipe burst in the Hollywood Hills, releasing at least 100,000 gallons of water that flooded the streets, cracked sidewalks and submerged cars.

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Burrous’ Bargains: Focus on DWP Pool Pump Rebates


A report by KTLA’s Chris Burrous tells how you can save 85% off your electricity electric bill, and make your pool safer—at little or no cost. LADWP will provide rebates of up to $1,000 for an energy efficient, variable speed pool pump. Originally aired on KTLA 5 Morning News on Saturday, April 25, 2015.

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LADWP was established in 1909 and has been an integral part of the history of the City of Los Angeles.

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LADWP’s more than 9,000 employees reflect the spirit of an agency that has had its share of pioneers, visionaries, civic leaders and heroes in its first 100 years.  

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The Board of Water and Power Commissioners meets regularly on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 11:00 a.m. Regular meeting agendas are available to the public at least 72 hours before the Board meets.

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We ensure you have reliable water and power and water service by replacing aging infrastructure in a steady, cost-efficient and customer-focused way.

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We are transforming our power supply to meet mandates and to create a clean energy future for our customers. We are transforming our water supply by expanding local water supplies, reducing reliance on expensive imported purchased water, and meeting regulatory mandates for drinking water quality and Owens Lake dust control.

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We are putting customers first by improving customer service in every interaction, increasing resources to improve the customer experience, and engaging in open, frequent and direct communications with our customers.

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We keep water and power rates low compared to other local utilities through cost efficient measures wherever possible, and by using benchmarking and key performance metrics to guide our actions and aid our customers in holding us accountable.

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A ‘star’ is born: LA ranked 2nd on list of energy efficient cities


Photo credit: Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images

Article Originally Published On CBS LA

Take a bow, Southern California: you’re officially an “Energy Star”.

Los Angeles ranked second on a list of the top 25 U.S. cities with the most energy efficient buildings in the nation, according to a new report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Los Angeles aims to beat California in energy efficiency


Article originally appeared in the L.A. Daily News

The Department of Water and Power will increase its energy efficiency
15 percent by the year 2020, Mayor Eric Garcetti on Monday said, noting that the move will surpass the state standard of 10 percent by 2021.

“Just as water conservation is how we will get through our drought and control our water costs, energy conservation is how we will address climate change and keep our power bills low,” Garcetti said at a news conference at the downtown construction site for The Bloc.

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Mayor Garcetti Releases DWP Benchmarking Study Results


Article originally posted as a press release on Mayor Eric Garcetti’s website

Study finds DWP offers among lowest rates compared to its peers, scores 1st and 2nd quartile on reliability and 1st quartile on operating costs, but must make customer service improvements

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L.A.’s aging water pipes; a $1-billion dilemma


Article originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times

The water main break that flooded Nowita Place in 2013 wasn't the kind of spectacle that brought TV cameras. Water sprayed a foot in the air through a hole in the buckled asphalt, leaving residents in the Venice neighborhood without water service for hours.

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