Small Business

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    Commercial Lighting Incentive Program (CLIP)

    CLIP offers incentives to help make a wide variety of high-performance lamps and lighting fixtures cost-effective, and targets any size business that still utilizes standard fixtures. CLIP is designed to be consistent with California’s statewide lighting programs, leveraging established contractor networks to offer non-residential customers a full suite of lighting products and services to improve the energy efficiency in their businesses by upgrading/retrofitting core lighting systems. CLIP’s calculated savings approach allows customers to tailor lighting efficiency upgrades to better meet their lighting needs and attain greater energy savings.

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  • Custom Performance Program (CPP)


    CPP offers incentives for energy saving measures not covered by other LADWP non-residential energy efficiency programs. These involve more advanced, high efficiency technologies and innovative energy saving strategies that exceed code, or minimum industry standards. Examples include equipment controls, industrial processes, high efficiency HVAC and chillers, hotel guest room controls, variable frequency drives, and other high efficiency technologies.

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  • Custom Express Program 

    The Custom Express Program has a simplified rebate menu for specific measures. The program includes rebates for network PC power management software, plug load occupancy sensors, and high efficiency ENERGY STAR® qualified copiers.

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  • AC Optimization

    The AC Optimization program helps residential and commercial customers save on cooling costs through services provided by certified, professional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians from approved, licensed contractors. These contractors analyze cooling systems and provide basic maintenance and efficiency services. This program is free for commercial customers.

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    New Construction / Savings By Design

    LADWP and Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas®) are working together to offer incentives designed to benefit owners and developers of new commercial building via the statewide Savings By Design (SBD) program. LADWP's New Construction Program will offer incentives for projects which do not meet the SBD requirements, but exceed Title 24 requirements by 10% or greater and are past the design phase.

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  • Food Service Program

    The Food Service Program offers incentives to encourage retrofit measures and technologies to reduce energy consumption in supermarkets, liquor stores, convenience stores, restaurants, etc.  Rebates are offered for commercial food appliances and refrigerator cases, ice machines, reach-in freezers/refrigerators, display cases, walk-in coolers, etc., as well as other refrigeration equipment.

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  • Small Business Direct Install (SBDI) Program


    SBDI is open to small business electrical customers (on the A-1 rate) in good standing, whose average monthly electrical demand is 30 kilowatts (kW) or less. A trained Energy Service Representative (ESR) will visit your business to identify areas where you can save energy and water. If you agree with the recommendations, our representative will have you sign an authorization form, and an appointment to install the equipment will be scheduled at a time most convenient for you. Energy and water saving measures include: energy efficient lighting and lamps, LED exit signs, pipe and water heater insulation, pre-rinse spray valves, low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators and low-flow toilets. This program is offered in partnership with Southern California Gas Company so measures that help save natural gas are also available.

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  • Solar Incentive Program (SIP)

    This program offers incentives to both residential and non-residential customers who lease or purchase solar systems for installation on their property. The current incentive level for the residential SIP is $0.40/watt and $.70/watt for the non-residential SIP. In addition, the programs allows for an higher incentive for non-profit agencies as well as educational institutions. The resulting incentive is calculated based upon the estimated annual production of the installed system.

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  • Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Program


    Through the FiT Program, LADWP will purchase energy generated from a participant's solar power system for a fixed price under a standard power purchase contract. These systems must be located within the LADWP's service territory and be interconnected to the LADWP electrical distribution system. FiT can help building and/or business owners offset their energy costs by producing and selling solar power to the grid.

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    The City Plants Program provides free shade trees for residents and property owners in Los Angeles to promote the planting of trees to improve building energy efficiency. This is a joint program implemented by LA Department of Public Works and supported by LADWP. Through this partnership, CP is able to provide free shade trees for residents and property owners in the City of Los Angeles along with information on where to plant the trees for maximum energy efficiency benefits. CP currently focuses on providing trees for residential customers but will also provide trees to commercial customers. 


    The LADWP Business Promotion Bill Credit (BPBC) program is designed to encourage businesses to relocate to the City of Los Angeles. The BPBC provides qualified businesses with bill credits in the following amounts that will be phased out over three years:

    Year 1 – 7.6 percent
    Year 2 – 5.0 percent
    Year 3 – 2.5 percent

    In addition to these bill credits, LADWP’s Economic Development Division (EDD) team will work with the business to identify other LADWP programs and incentives that will help the business save money, water or power. Finally, the EDD team will work with the City’s Economic and Workforce Development Department to determine eligibility for incentives or programs offered by other City Departments. Applications will be accepted starting October 1st, 2016 on a first come, first served basis. 

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    This program is a partnership with the Metropolitan Water District to offer rebates for business customers who purchase and install water conservation equipment such as high-efficiency toilets and urinals, weather-based irrigation controllers, cooling tower conductivity controllers, and other measures.

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    Apply for the Commercial EV Charger Rebate to help cover the costs incurred on the purchase of EV charger(s) for small business employees and customers. Charge Up L.A.! provides rebates to offset your out-of-pocket costs for the purchase of a qualifying electric vehicle (EV) charger to encourage the installation of a qualifying EV charger at residential and commercial locations. This program benefits the environment and helps EV drivers save fuel costs at the same time. See for details! 

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    LADWP provides free low-flow showerheads, kitchenaerators, and bathroom faucet aerators to commercial, industrial, and multi-family owners. Call 1-800-544-4498 and press “5” or email us at to submit your request.

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  • LocateLA

    LocateLA is an innovative, web-based economic development tool that facilitates the process of site selection so that companies can readily identify the optimal location within the City of Los Angeles to site their business start-up, expansion or relocation. The website integrates commercial and industrial real estate property listings with key workforce demographics, business information and interactive maps. Using Geographic Information System (GIS) software, the website provides immediate access to in-depth information for the City of Los Angeles such as:

    1. Access to critical business intelligence that decision makers need to make an investment decision

    2. Finding available commercial or business property, and develop custom demographic radius reports

    3. Ability to view geographic “layers” of information such as demographic, labor force, universities, transportation, and local business data

    4. Ability to view, create, and print maps and reports.

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  • The Utility Infrastructure Loan Program (UIL)

    The LADWP's Utility Infrastructure Loan Program is available to new and existing commercial/industrial LADWP customers. Loans will only be extended to qualifying prospective projects. Funds can be used for the following:

    · Purchase and installation of equipment required by the LADWP to provide electric energy or water service to the customer

    · Purchase and of energy efficiency equipment that exceeds Title 24 requirements and/or water conservation equipment

    · Purchase and installation of power factor correction/power reliability equipment

    · Purchase and installation of solar photovoltaic systems except for the feed-in-Tariff (FiT) program

    Current loan terms are 4.39%* for 1 to 10 years.

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